This Is The Real Deal!

Sometimes I think I know what is best for my life. I think if I were totally healed I could serve the LORD better and help more people. I think if I were successful in a business and made a lot of money I could help a LOT more people than sitting here writing a blog about my challenges.

Closeup of hands shuffling cards casino

In other words I don’t like the cards I got dealt. I want a new deal and start with a new deck please! Make sure they are shuffled well too!

But this is the deal.  No new cards, no new hand.  I  finally made the choice to play it to the best of my ability by His grace. My prevailing hope is to be successful in God’s eyes and impact this world for His Glory.

The Word of GOD is full of real men and women who face great challenges with the “cards they were dealt” and their lives gave Glory to God forever. I think of Joseph especially; sold into slavery by his brothers, imprison unjustly yet in the end was a great success in God’s eyes and in the worlds!

What about you? How are you going to play your cards?  Or are you still hoping for a new deal? Will you play your cards with great faith that GOD has a plan for your life (He does)- as He did for Joseph  and everyone else. His plan will ultimately will bring you great success defined by Almighty God! True success is not measured by the world’s standards.

Romans 8:28 And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.


2 thoughts on “This Is The Real Deal!

  1. Great thoughts, good blog, and very true. It’s easy to want a NEW DEAL of cards in life…but the fact is…God goes through this life with us and He knows what this life is dealing to us…he’s in control of it. So to ask for a NEW DEAL in life…might I even say you’d be telling God you do like the life He dealt you? You don’t trust Him with it? You may not even appreciate what you HAVE in this life because your (not you, but each of us) are too busy complaining about what we DON’T like about this life? …your article is very good. Good read my friend. Love ya.


    • Appreciate your comment Lynn. I am not complaining about my life. Simply wish the pain, weakness and fatigue could be “dealt out” of my life sometimes so I can DO something. I do not believe God dealt this hand to me…it is part of the nature of the fallen man; and the LORD isn’t the source of sickness and disease, rather He is my HOPE for the grace I need to go through this life. ❤


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