Times To Remember

Many people love watching old videos of family events such as reunions, weddings and graduations. We all like to remember the memories that bring joy. I know I do. Let us not forget the difficult times in our lives that we got through by the grace and mercy of the LORD. The inspiration and faith building scriptures of men and women of strong faith going through horrible circumstances focus upon doing what God’s will empowered me many times in my life and still does. Daniel in the lions den, Moses at the foot of the Red Sea and Paul in prison are just a few historical stories in the Bible that impacted my life especially in the early years of hospitalizations after the diagnosis of progressive Multiple Sclerosis in 1981-82.

I wrote a poem during the early difficult 4-6 week stays in the hospital when MS was fierce. We all go through rare emotions and doubts when faced with a life changing disease or situation. This poem hits on some of the raw emotions and then on the solid faith that comes from being in a relationship with the LORD Jesus Christ.

Multiple Sclerosis is the disease that’s getting the best of me
It’s very difficult to walk and even more difficult to see
My arms are hard to move, doctor, tell me why
Someone please hold me while I cry and cry and cry
Please, doctor, give me something for the pain
But that’s like asking the weatherman to stop the rain
I can’t move my legs, doc, what’s going on
This can’t be happening, I’m still young
I don’t need any help- get that wheelchair out of here
But before you leave, will you please wipe away my tears
My legs are paralyzed and that wheelchair serves as a friend
M.S. I hate you, when my body dies I’ll live but you’ll end
My faith in God grows stronger daily and will carry me through
To an everlasting life, one without pain, one without you
M.S. I decided you can not have the best of me
I am giving that to Jesus, the One Who died on Calvary
My life is secured in Jesus, no one can take it away
One day it’ll be cast into hell forever—where it belongs
As for now, I’ll give my Best to Jesus and sing a joyful song.

Brenda L. McKee

I recently read what I wrote many years ago….and it encouraged my own heart. When the Holy Spirit lives within us, we because of HE can get through any circumstances on this earth. Circumstances are temporal; life in Christ is forever in a place where there will be no more tears, no more pain and we will be with the ONE Who gave His ALL for us to know Him.

Know He is THE Creator and the things we go through have great purpose whether we see it or not. God is faithful. I know my road ahead may get much worse or it may get better. When I am to fatigue to focus on remembering all God has brought me through I learned to Take my Burden to the LORD and leave it there. It sounds easy but it is Not. Contact me…never give up. There is always hope….and it prevails.