About Hope

Life is tough. Turn on the news…no wait turn it off! Gloom and despair and agony everywhere! But wait – turning it off doesn’t make it go away. But if you are like me, you’d like to think life will just continue on and none of that bad stuff will affect us. No riots, no ISIS, no economical crashes and if it does – hey the government will take care of us, right?

Now, I will get a little more personal. What if things crumble all around you? You lose your job, your health, your marriage, your kids, your home? Where is your hope then?

In this blog I will explore how we can have hope in the midst of what we consider the worse of worse. If I am qualified to write this it is because:

  • at age 21, Multiple Sclerosis devastated my life. I became paralyzed and blind.
  • I was forced to go on disability at age 22.
  • Lost my job.
  • Lost my home.
  • and…the bad things just kept on happening…BUT


So can you…

This is the purpose of this blog: To share hope. To encourage. To tell the truth. Life is wonderful and has beauty. But like the rose, along with the beauty is some thorns and they can hurt you.

The Source of my (all) Hope:


If you have any questions please write to me.

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