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Brenda McKee

Brenda McKee

I was born a long, long time ago. Amazing how 55 years fly by– so it seems. Yet there were times when time seemed to drag.

I was the “sick kid” growing up. I literally flunked gym in elementary school. The doctor excused me from gym class from that point on. I couldn’t jump rope or keep up with the other kids. Long childhood Brenda at 11 years oldold short – besides the inability to run, jump and do the things normal kids do, I had many surgeries including hip surgery at age 11, many respiratory infections, mono and pneumonia by age 17.

Normal in some ways


In some ways I was “Normal.”

Growing up with my three sisters was an experience. We worked hard. Played a little. I am thankful for my parents as I learned good work ethics and moral values.

I am the one wearing my grandpa's hat. Picture taken at Christmas time- 1975.

I am the one wearing my grandpa’s hat. Picture taken at Christmas time- 1975.

Love my sisters who I did grow up with and my two brothers who lived with their mom. It took me way too long to figure out why I didn’t see my brothers much. Divorce did not happen much back then. And nobody talked about it. But my brothers sometimes visited on weekends and I admired them.

I became blind in my right eye at age 16 when I found out I had a disease called kertaconus. Hard contact lenses fixed that issue until the cornea continued to bulge out and the lens no longer held it back– popping the lens off and out of my eye. At age 19 I had my first of 6 cornea transplants.

Graduated high school and started working a full time job for the State of Michigan. At the age of 21 my life’s dreams were shattered by an incurable disease called Multiple Sclerosis.

I love to laugh. Laughter doesn’t make the pain go away. But it is a great break from the pain and is medically proven to help us by releasing hormones that fight pain. I choose to take laugh breaks. It does my body good. stilllove2laugh

In the midst of it all, I did eventually go back to college and get a degree in Graphic Communications. Because of the MS I truly am disabled through my heart desire is to work. I began writing in my early 20’s at the encouragement of my eye surgeon and also my Pastor at the time. Writing has been a big part of my life since then. Just not a Tom Clancy yet.

I wanted to introduce myself to you so you know a bit about me. As this blog progresses you will get to know me and I pray find HOPE in the midst of the circumstances you face, if you need it. Life has not been easy but I remember a saying from a guy in our neighborhood. I used to stop and chat with him on the way home from school.

“Life may be a bummer, you may think– but where would you be without it?” Ed said with a wink!

In recent years I got a wonderful Service Dog named Shadow…she has her own tales to tell at: I am so thankful for my dog, she helps keep me independent besides being a comedian.

Brenda and her Shadow

Brenda and her Shadow

And I can’t forget Murphy…the newest addition to our home. He is my first cat and he is a great cat! We love him though Shadow is a little reluctant – underneath the big, black dog exterior my dog has a soft spot for Murphy. They often sleep by each other. MurpheyThank you for visiting this blog. As Shadow would say, “Happy Tales to you!” Stay tune for some real life stories of hope in the midst of painful and challenging times. If I can do it…so can you! But the truth is I can not do it alone. I needed the help of my Savior Jesus Christ. He’s alive. How do I know…if He wasn’t nor would I be. He is Life.

God loves you.



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